We LARPed Before It Was Cool


We LARPed before it was cool.

Back then, we used yellow Wiffle bats instead of foam pads because we were men.  A smack across the knuckles and a graze across the male-genitalia-tip were facts of life, and death.  We would rise early, with the sun, when the chill air still made ghosts of our breath. We would take to the yard and cast long shadows, three men striding abreast.

My flaming arrow was a stone roiled in dirt.  My armor was a hand-me-down T-Rex t-shirt.  We fought with fury, and our passion bit to our hearts.  I’ve been thrust upon fences by the throat (see genitalia incident above…still sorry bro), and I’ve been blessed with a bloody nose.  I’ve been struck down to my knees (when my life points fell to zero), and risen up to fight again.

We LARPed while you were watching that new Fresh Prince show.  We LARPed between games of Starfox and Mario Kart on the Nintendo.  We LARPed till sunset and dueled at high noon.  Yes, we LARPed before it was cool.  And if you are reading this, and by some misfortune you just don’t have a clue, it’s because you didn’t LARP.  You didn’t LARP before it was cool.

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