Sick In The Head (In Three Acts): ACT I, “Cupola”

Dad and his girl


picked me up

and Dad said to me

“Remember that playground

you used to love?”


I told him to

grow up,

playgrounds are for kids.

Tell Cheryl about what I used to be

It wasn’t a kid.



I was FBI

Me and three guys

would make operational national security plans

in the top of that cupola

in the dark

but that’s over.



These days

I pretend to be sick

in the head

so I have access to meds

at the institution

but Dad comes around to take me out

now and then

like I’m a fucking dog

who needs a walk


That’s fine

because we’re at the park

by the tower with the cupola

and I tell Cheryl all about it

about the plans we drafted up there

even though it’s all shut down


the window panes

all broken

and Dad keeps on going

saying it never was FBI

but he’s an idiot

and I tell him that


It’s not like they put up a sign

to advertise.

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