Sick In The Head (In Three Acts): ACT II, “Mermaid”

As if

by the grace of God

to prove my very point!

a black windowless van

pulled up

with some old friends inside



Law dogs,

reflective sunglasses,


hard stares,

satellite dishes and blinking equipment,

but they weren’t here for coffee

or nostalgia.


They said they were onto me.

onto my gig

with the pretense

and the free meds

so I ran from their whipping

forked tongues

down across the park

to the sea



that sea was slapping hard

and the spray stung

like arctic bees

but I hid there among the rocks

for who knows how long

until the sun fell away

and the van

was gone


I was going to leave

when a beautiful mermaid

rose up from beneath

glistening white

like a magnolia petal


Christ, listen to me

getting all poetic.

She gave herself to me

right there among the salt and sea

which was a nice treat.



in the dark

I went to the tower

the abandoned tower

where it had all started.

The FBI.

I went inside

not knowing what I might find

and knowing only

that I needed a good place to hide.


Dad had been wrong,

it wasn’t abandoned.

There was a stage

with puppets flying across

on fishing line

and a whole audience


in their seats



tied up to the whims

of these swooping puppets


so I sat among them

and pretended

that those puppets

were interesting.


But no one

seemed to notice.

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