the aches

most nights

I can’t even shiver

out the aches

because they snap

like ice

in veins

and muddling cortex

and soaking brains

and feverish thoughts breeding

phantom starts

and a chest full of horses stampeding

like I have twelve bursting hearts

spilling and spurting

and spilling the aches

the aches!

these Aches!!

don’t go away

each grow atop

and remind me that all twelve pumping hearts

will suddenly pop

and like a machine, someday

I’ll simply


state lottery

she had tracks

stabbed up her arms

and someone’s kid

stuffed in her belly

and she was trying to tell me

(while she was drawing on a cigarette

and drawling about god)

that this character was watching over her

and all of us

from a cloud

(of smoke?)

and she was due some luck

and she was out of coke

and, “jesus h christ

what the fuck!

not even dying is free.”

and I got a sense

her kind of gods

print giant checks

and manage the state lottery

“Turnpike” published in Thuglit #15


Thuglit #15 was released on the 1st of January to ring in 2015 with a heroin overdose.  This is a killer issue, and not only because my story “Turnpike” is inked on some of the pages (although I hope that helps), but because once again we are subjected to eight buckshot-blasts worth of sweat, nerves, homicide, and humor.  A story gets me when the characters seem so real that I could rob a bank with them.  There isn’t a character here I wouldn’t trust as my getaway driver.  “Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered” by Timothy Friend was a personal favorite.  Demand your copy on Kindle or paperback.